Top 10 Things for successful craft fair

Top 10 Things for a Successful Craft Fair

Top 10 Things for a Successful Craft Fair! ‘Tis the Season, for a craft fair, fa la la la la…so why are you stressing?  Oh,…

Kozy Korina Beanie

Crochet That Looks Like Knit!

This is the new craze…crochet that looks like knit!  Although there are a few different ways to achieve the look, this is, by far, my…

Learn the single crochet stitch

Learning the Single Crochet Stitch (sc): The Dos & Don’ts

Grab your hook and some yarn! We are learning how to make the Single Crochet (sc) stitch! Beginners WELCOME!

Crochet: Let’s Talk Tension and Stitch Count…Start Chaining!

We are starting to make chain stitches and learning tricks about tension and counting stitches!

Holding Your Crochet Hook and Yarn & Making a Slip Knot: A Visual How-To!

Are you telling me there is a right and a wrong way? Nope…that’s not what I’m saying at all!  You need to find what works…