free crochet pattern

Crochet Washcloth: EASY Free pattern for Beginners

Finally!  The Easy Crochet Washcloth Pattern! I know I have been teasing you for a while now about making the Crochet Washcloth.  Besides being super…

Free Printable: Crochet Cheat Sheet

Crochet Cheat Sheet When you are first learning to crochet, things can get a little confusing, and that’s why I made you this little Crochet…

Learn the single crochet stitch

Learning the Single Crochet Stitch (sc): The Dos & Don’ts

Grab your hook and some yarn! We are learning how to make the Single Crochet (sc) stitch! Beginners WELCOME!

Crochet: Let’s Talk Tension and Stitch Count…Start Chaining!

We are starting to make chain stitches and learning tricks about tension and counting stitches!

Holding Your Crochet Hook and Yarn & Making a Slip Knot: A Visual How-To!

Are you telling me there is a right and a wrong way? Nope…that’s not what I’m saying at all!  You need to find what works…