Faux Fur PomPom Tutorial

Faux Fur PomPoms:  Super Cute!

Have you seen those super cute Faux Fur PomPoms on knit and crochet hats?  They are so trendy right now.  So I decided to go to the craft store to get some.  Hold up!  I’m not paying $6 for a faux fur Pom to put on my hat!  I would have to add $6 to the price of the hat…and that’s not going to fly.  I looked around online a little bit, and found a tutorial on how to make them myself!  If you have a craft store with a fabric department, take a look around for some faux  fur you like.  I love the fabric department at my local Hobby Lobby, but JoAnn and Michael’s are also fantastic.

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Materials needed:

~Faux Fur (color of your choice)  about 1/4 – 1/2 yard is fine and will give you plenty of PomPoms

~Sharp scissors

~Sharp needle and thread

~Polyfill stuffing

~Fabric marker or Sharpie

~A large circle to trace around…I used a flower pot.  The top is 7 inches and the bottom is 5 inches, so I can get two different sized PomPoms from one flowerpot!

Making your PomPoms

~Lay out your fur material, fur side down.

~Place your flower pot on top, close to the edge to minimize fabric wasted (not directly in the middle)

~Trace around the flower pot and remove your flower pot (in my photos below, I’m making a 5 inch PomPom.  The white PomPom on the hat below is 7 inches)

~Using your sharp scissors, cut around on the line you just made (This is messy…the fur will be flying)

~Over a trash can, gently pull at the edges of your fur, removing any tufts that were left behind. Shake over trash can.

~Thread your needle (knot in one end) and sew around the outside edge of the fur fabric (on the back)  Do not knot or cut when you are done with this step

~Pull your thread to start cinching.

~Stuff with some polyfill, pull your thread some more, stuff, pull, stuff, pull…make sure you are filling in some of the gaps inside that can form.

~Once you have it stuffed the way you want it, pull to cinch tight and sew it closed as best you can.  Tie a knot so it doesn’t slip back open.  It doesn’t have to be pretty since this part will be on the hat.  DO NOT CUT THE TAIL YET!

Faux Fur PomPom

~Insert your needle into the very top of your hat and pull the needle through, pulling the PomPom onto the hat.

~Finish sewing onto your hat.  Run your finger under the PomPom to feel any spots that need a little extra securing…you won’t be able to see much if your fur is long, so feeling works best.

~Poke your needle to the inside of the hat, make a knot and sew in the end of your thread.

Voila! One cute Faux Fur PomPom made!  Easy…yes!  Messy…yes!  Worth it…yes!




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