Crochet That Looks Like Knit!

This is the new craze…crochet that looks like knit!  Although there are a few different ways to achieve the look, this is, by far, my favorite!  Many crochet “knit” stitches get very tight as you go and they don’t offer much stretch.  Nobody wants a hat that doesn’t stretch!  That’s where the Camel Stitch comes in!  It gives your hat great stretch and still looks like you knitted it!  However, it is 100% crochet and 100% easy!

The Kozy Korina Beanie

Crochet looks knit

My new pattern, the Kozy Korina Beanie, walks you through how to make this stitch.  I have included a photo tutorial and I even give you instructions on making two different sizes, Women’s size and Child’s size.  If you can do the hdc (half double crochet) stitch, you can create this hat! As most of my patterns, I’ve rated this pattern EASY and is perfect for beginners.  As always, this pattern is written in Standard US Crochet Terms; however, I’ve included a crochet conversion chart with US/UK terms, so all of our friends can make these hats!

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Do the $$ Math!

Are you like me? Always looking to get the most out of your yarn!  Of course, we all have to balance the cost of patterns and materials, with what we can charge for, and get, for our finished products!  Check this out!

I used 1 skein of Light Gray and 1 skein of Ivory.  So, 2 skeins at about $4 each (I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but any Medium 4 weight will work)…that’s $8 for yarn. I made a Gray hat with Ivory trim and one Ivory hat with Gray trim, and I only used half of each skein!  You can make 4 hats with two skeins using my pattern.  I will charge $15 for my adult women’s hat and $10 for the child’s hat.  Now, let’s do the math…ugh MATH!  I can get $50 for 4 hats and I only spent $8 for yarn!  That math is music to my ears!

Want the Pattern?

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Now, that I have your attention with that glorious math, you want to know where you can get this pattern?  It’s only one click away!

First, you have to be serious about wanting to get the most bang for your $buck!  Are you there?

Second, click here to go to the Kozy Korina Beanie pattern.  You can get it delivered right to your inbox for a small fee.  How easy is that?

Third, go through your yarn stash.  I know you have one!  And if you don’t find what you want, that means you get to go shopping for some yarn!  I want you to look for soft yarn that is of a Medium 4 weight, Aran or Worsted.  I love to use Acrylic yarn because it handles washing very well and is super cozy and warm.

As noted earlier, the yarn I used in my pattern is from Hobby Lobby, but I also love the yarn that Knit Picks offers.  It gets better.  Not only can you get it delivered to your door, but it is also only $2 per skein, so you will have to redo your math!  You will be able to keep more money in your pocket! I highly recommend the Brava Worsted Yarn from Knit Picks.  If you go with the Brava Worsted Yarn, get the Dove Heather and Cream colors, they are most like the colors I used in my pattern.

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