Cutie Pie Makeup Bag: Free, EASY Pattern!

Cutie Pie Makeup Bag, Free Pattern!

Everyone likes a free pattern, right?  I put together a free pattern for this adorable makeup bag and it’s great for beginners!  The only stitches you need to know are the single crochet stitch and the slip stitch.  Working your single crochet stitches in the back loop only, gives this bag a beautiful purl stitch look, but it’s so easy!  As with all of my patterns, I have photos to help you along the way and you can always email me with any questions you may have!  Email me at

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The pattern!

Here you will find the written pattern.  If you need the pictures, you can CLICK HERE FOR FULL PATTERN WITH PHOTO TUTORIAL.  That will take you to the PDF version of my pattern.     If all you need is the written pattern, with a few pictures…here you go!

About the Cutie Pie Makeup Bag

This makeup bag is beyond cute…it’s also so practical and simple to make!  The special zippers make it so easy to just crochet right into the zipper, no sewing skills needed!  This pattern is perfect for the beginner crocheter…you will have to have a firm understanding of the single crochet (sc),  the Back Loopy Only (BLO) technique, changing colors and some novice sewing skills.  I have provided some photos as we go through the pattern to help you see where I want you to place your hook.  Hopefully, this will help guide you along…if you need some extra clarification, I am always available to help.  You can reach me through the convo feature on Etsy at or through email at  Please do not sell this pattern…but please enjoy selling your finished bags!  I would appreciate it if you linked any finished items back to my shop…       Now on to the pattern!

 Materials Needed

MATERIALS: (see photo above)

~Yarn used:

I used I Love This Cotton from Hobby Lobby, but any cotton will do.

~I Love This Cotton in Deep Turquoise

~I Love This Cotton in Dove (grey color)

~Hook Size needed:

E Hook (3.5mm)

(1) Sew-ology 7 inch zipper (Hobby Lobby or online)

Darning or yarn needle

~row counter

~stitch marker if needed

**Changing the yarn and hook size will result in changing the size of the bag.

Stitches Used

~Stitches used (American Crochet Terminology)

My PDF version has a crochet conversion chart for USA and UK crochet terminology, so CLICK HERE if you need that.  The following terms are for my friends in the US.

ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch

sc = single crochet

blo = back loop only



In the Deep Turquoise color…

Round 1

Round 1:  Sl st into the zipper.  With the zipper closed, and starting at the end without the pull, sl st into each hole closest to the zipper.  Notice how I sl st into the holes a little beyond the end of the zipper, leaving a hole or two (zippers vary) empty.  The ends of the zipper will be tucked on the inside of the bag once finished.  Make sure that your stitches aren’t too tight because that could cause puckering of the zipper.  I’ve tried to show you this in my pictures.

Once you get to nearly the end (leaving a hole or two empty) ch 3 and begin sl st down the other side of the zipper, leaving a hole or two empty at the end.  See my pictures in my PDF Version if you need a visual on what I’m talking about.  Ch 3

I count each round as “finished” each time I come back around to the end of the zipper.  It does not have to be  exact…I just try to line it up by eye.  That’s why this is a simple pattern!

Round 1 complete.

Rounds 2-10

Rounds 2-10:  sc into the back loop only (blo) of the first sl st from the previous round and each stitch around.  Remember we are going to be working in continuous rounds and into the back loops only.  This creates a pretty ridge, round after round.  As your rounds grow, you will notice it curling at the two corners by the zipper.  Just push the zipper into its correct position.  As you crochet, you will be looking at the outside of the bag…take a look at my pictures for clarification.

At the end of the 10th round, change your yarn to the grey (Dove) color.

I prefer the “no knot” technique when changing colors.  When I make the last stitch, don’t complete the last step of the single crochet (bringing your yarn through).  I pick up the new color, and just pull the new color through to finish that sc stitch.  You will have the post in turquoise and a loop of the gray on your hook.  Make sure you leave a 3 inch (or so) long tail to sew in later.  Now you can continue working with the grey.

Rounds 11-22

In the Dove (light grey) color…

Rounds 11-22:  sc blo around, and around, and around…

At the end of your 22nd round, finish off but leave a long tail.  We will use this long tail to sew up the bottom of your bag.  I cut my tail to be about 12 inches long.

Thread your needle with your long tail.  I prefer to only sew the two inside loops together.  This prevents any gaps between stitches.  You can whip stitch or just do a simple back and forth.  Honestly, whatever gets it sewn together and looking nice is just fine!

When you get to the other side, knot your tail but don’t cut yet.  Stick your needle to the inside of your bag and turn your bag inside out.

Pull this long tail all the way through.  Weave in this  long end and then cut your yarn.  Weave in the rest of your ends.  I have circled the end that I sewed in…it’s barely noticeable!

Turn bag right side out, and you’re done!

This bag is great for makeup, accessories, sunglasses, cell phone…you can even get a cute hair clip and clip it to the bag to make it look extra cute!  I clipped a fabric and lace flower to mine!  Enjoy!