Cheat Sheet: Crochet Abbreviations for Reading Written Patterns

Why you need a Cheat Sheet for crochet abbreviations

As we are getting ready to make our first crochet project, I wanted you to have a cheat sheet to help you learn the abbreviations used in crochet patterns.  You will see these abbreviations used not only in my patterns, but in nearly every pattern you grab from Pinterest or other crochet sites.  I have included the US terminology as well as the UK terminology.  You will notice that they are very similar, with a few minor differences.

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How to tell if your pattern is written in US or UK terms

Many patterns will state if they are written in US terms or UK terms.  One great way to tell if the pattern you want to use is written using US or UK terms (if it doesn’t specify) is to see if they use the Single Crochet (sc).  As you can see, UK terms don’t include a single crochet stitch; they call that same stitch a double crochet.  If you still can’t tell, take a look at the way they use the words “Slip Stitch”.  Is it abbreviated “ss” or “sl st”?  That could be another hint to you.  If you use the wrong stitch while using a pattern, you may end up with a hat that fits a giant (or a doll)!  Make sure you figure this out before you start your project.

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Cheat Sheet Crochet Abbreviations
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Organizing your cheat sheets and patterns!

Organizing your cheat sheets and patterns is so important!  When I first started crocheting, I had papers everywhere!  They were in a “neat” stack on my side table, so I could reference them whenever I needed.  Then I realized I needed to get organized!  I had, and still have, patterns and cheat sheets pinned to my different Pinterest boards, but I soon found out that they aren’t always there when I go back and click the link.  That’s why it’s important to go old school too; printing and organizing them!  You can pick up a cute binder and document protectors from any store.  That’s how I have all of my patterns and cheat sheets organized.  That way, if something happens to the link I have saved on Pinterest, I always have the backup printed and ready to go!

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Get your crochet supplies ready for our next project!

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We will be making a simple crochet washcloth using the Single Crochet stitch.  I love to use cotton yarn for the washcloths!  If you haven’t found your cotton yarn yet, take a look at this yarn.  It is called “Dishie Yarn” and it’s wonderful for anything summer!  And if you are looking to save some money on your crochet hooks, here is a link for a set of crochet hooks in the most popular sizes.  I’ll be using a size H hook for the washcloths we will be making.

More cheat sheets and tips!

If you are putting together your binder, or looking for tutorials and cheat sheets to fill up your Pinterest boards, you should check out my Cheat Sheet for crochet stitches and my other posts on this blog for more tips and tricks!  And don’t forget to share my posts and cheat sheets on Pinterest, Facebook and your other forms of social media…I really appreciate it!