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I know you are wondering, “What is her name?”  Knoll?  I spelled my name correctly…it’s Nole and pronounced No-lee.  I am a Veteran, a teacher, a mom, a wife…and a “hooker”…that means that I crochet! After the military, I received my teaching degree and loved teaching…until we moved further south.  After our move, finding a teaching job was difficult so I decided to learn more about crochet.  I read books and watched tutorials and learned the very basics up to more advanced techniques.  After giving my creations away for free, I decided to open up my Etsy shop so I could make some money to set aside for my daughter’s education.  That was all 3 years ago…and now she is 17 years old and has her sights set on a career in the medical field, working in a lab doing medical research.  I guess I need to crochet faster!


I make fashionable crochet creations for you and your family!  But it’s not your granny’s crochet; those weird “Granny” smells are not included in my creations.  I use soft yarn in trendy colors, warm earth tones and vibrant hues too. My focus is on items that people want to wear or use…no gimmicks.  I want you to step out of the house wearing my scarf or my hat and feel stylish and trendy!  I also write and publish my own patterns, focusing on easy patterns so anyone can follow along with them.  All of my patterns include written instructions, step by step, and I include a photo tutorial as we go so you know exactly what your project should look like and where to put your hook for special stitches.  I also include a UK / American Crochet Terminology Conversion Chart so all of our friends can understand my patterns.


Sweet Home Alabama is now my home, but I was born and raised in New Jersey.  I left New Jersey at the age of 17 and went off to Army Basic Training.  After spending a year stationed in South Korea, I moved to Texas for 2 1/2 years and then Kentucky for another 2 1/2 years, stationed at Ft. Campbell.  I loved the Kentucky/Tennessee area so much, I decided to put down some roots and stayed there for about 10 years.  The slow pace and friendly people just felt like home.  The perfect fit for me…slow, laid back and happy!  Moving closer to the beach would be ideal for us…I can see me now relaxing on the beach, draped in warm yarn, crocheting a scarf that I won’t have to wear…ok, so maybe the beach isn’t the best move for my crochet business.  I may have to revisit that idea…it’s a good thing I ship all over the United States!


I first started crocheting seriously in 2012, using books and videos to learn the basics…I didn’t even know how to hold my hook correctly.  It was overwhelming, starting at square one!  Etsy was a great place for me to sell all of my crochet creations…to make room for more yarn!  I got my shop up and running in 2013, and learned as I went.  My items, photos, and descriptions were a little lackluster and I wasn’t getting the sales I was hoping for (my mom and Grandma were my best customers).  So I had to research how to take the best product photos, and how to write the best descriptions, and how to use keywords, and how to use tags, how to promote on social media…wow!  There was a lot more to running an Etsy shop than I had realized at first! I’m not going to lie and tell you I have it all figured out, because I don’t.  I’m still learning how to improve my shop and I won’t stop searching for knowledge and information on how to improve my shop or my small business…so I guess my “When” continues.


So, if you have made it this far, I’m guessing you have read my ramblings above.  I mentioned my daughter and my husband.  They are my “Why” for opening my Etsy shop but I haven’t forgotten my customers and the people who learn from my patterns and tutorials.  They, and you, are my evolving “Why”.  I have always had the desire to help others to become more knowledgable and foster their creative minds, even if they didn’t know they had a creative side.  My customers help me to help my daughter.  All of the money I earn from my crochet items and patterns goes directly into my daughter’s education fund, I don’t keep a single penny for myself and none of what I earn goes to buy supplies.  100% goes to my daughter’s education.  Every morning is exciting to me because I get to create and share something new!  Everybody wins!

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